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The Doan Law Firm helps workers in Houston, Texas who have been severely to catastrophically injured in industrial accidents. When workers get hurt, they count on us to achieve the results that they deserve for their injury claims. We stand by Texans who have lost their livelihoods, as well as the families of those who have lost their lives, in industrial accidents. If you or a loved one was recently injured in an industrial accident in Houston, contact us for a free legal consultation to learn more.

Why Choose Our Industrial Accident Lawyers in Houston?

  • You will receive honest, straightforward and upfront advice about your case. We have a reputation for being friendly, personable and communicative industrial accident attorneys.
  • Our lawyers have extensive experience handling industrial accident cases, with a long history of achieving case results of $1 million or more for seriously injured clients.
  • The Doan Law Firm operates on a contingency fee basis for all industrial and workplace accident cases. We promise that you won’t pay us unless we win your case.

Types of Industrial Accidents in Texas

An industrial accident can happen at a worksite that involves heavy machinery, work vehicles, power tools, hazardous substances, ladders and scaffolds, and electrical equipment. These include the construction industry, oil and gas refineries, and manufacturing plants. Common examples of industrial accidents that can injure workers in Texas include:

  • Plant explosions
  • Crane collapses
  • Transportation accidents
  • Forklift accidents
  • Falls from ladders, scaffolds and catwalks
  • Chemical spills and burns
  • Crushed by machines or equipment
  • Exposure to toxic fumes or substances
  • Structural collapses
  • Mass casualty industrial accidents

It takes an attorney who specializes in industrial accidents to properly navigate these cases in Texas. At The Doan Law Firm, we achieved $18,100,000 million and $11,600,000 for past clients in two separate cases for refinery explosions. We have the experience with these types of cases to achieve optimal results.

Houston Industrial Accident Attorney

Why Do Industrial Accidents Happen?

Industrial jobs and workplaces come with inherent hazards, including many serious injury risks. However, these worksites can be made safer with proper care by employers and worksite managers. Unfortunately, many employers cut corners to save on time or overhead costs. This results in unnecessarily dangerous work zones with issues such as a lack of worker safety training, no personal protection equipment, and malfunctioning or poorly maintained heavy machinery.

If a negligent employer, contractor or third party caused your recent industrial accident, you may have grounds to file a Houston personal injury lawsuit. Negligence means that someone failed to use a proper amount of care for the situation, resulting in harm to others. If an investigation finds that your industrial accident in Houston could have been prevented with due care, one or more parties may be financially responsible for your medical bills and other losses.

When Should You File an Industrial Accident Claim?

Contact a Houston workplace accident attorney near you as soon as possible after an industrial accident in Texas. As a general rule, you only have two years from the date of your accident (or the date of injury or illness discovery) to file a personal injury claim. If your loved one passed away in a fatal industrial accident, you have two years from the date of his or her death. If you wish to file a workers’ compensation claim, you have 30 days to report the injury to your employer and 1 year to file a claim. These are Texas’s statute of limitations, and they have only rare exceptions.

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If you or a loved one was hurt in an industrial accident in Houston or anywhere in Texas, Attorney Jimmy Doan will make sure that your rights are protected. Our law firm will do everything possible to help you collect the benefits that you are entitled to under state law. Contact our Houston law office today using our online form or by calling (832) 835-0000 24/7. We will return your phone call within one hour.

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