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Houston Aviation Accident Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a plane crash, your first move should be to talk with a Houston aviation accident attorney. A plane accident attorney may be able to help you get the compensation that you deserve and hold the party or parties that hurt you responsible for their actions. By holding them accountable for what happened to you, it may ensure that no one else gets hurt in the future.

What to Look for From a Plane Accident Lawyer

Your Houston plane accident attorney should be someone who wants to act as your advocate in the courtroom no matter how long it takes to resolve your case. As it may take months or years for your case to be resolved, you need someone who is in for the long haul. During your initial free consultation, you will learn more about how we can help and the types of compensation that you may be entitled to.Houston Aviation Accident Attorney

When Should You Talk With a Helicopter Accident Lawyer?

You may want to talk to a helicopter accident lawyer or a plane accident lawyer as soon as you know that your injuries were caused by the accident. Under Texas state law, you will have two years to file your case in court. While you don’t have to have the suit resolved within two years, you may give up your chance of getting compensation or other relief if you let the statute of limitations expire. When you talk with a helicopter accident attorney, you will learn more about the specific statutes of limitation in your case and how they play a role in any legal strategy developed on your behalf.

You Take Center Stage in Your Aviation Accident Case

Your attorney may advise you to take a settlement offer as it may appear to be in your best interest to do so. However, you are within your rights to reject that offer and decide to continue negotiations or go to trial. If your attorney advises that you go to trial, but you want to settle instead, that is exactly what legal counsel will pursue on your behalf. You should never feel pressured to do anything that you don’t want to or feel as if the case wasn’t resolved in your favor or with your best interest in mind.

Get the Compensation That You Are Entitled To

While there is no guarantee as to how much compensation you can get in a given case, your Houston aviation accident lawyer will make sure that you get what you are entitled to. Even if you are deemed to be responsible for your accident or for your injuries in any way, there is still a chance that you can get a percentage of the damages that you are entitled to. For instance, if you were deemed to be 10 percent responsible for your injuries, you would still get 90 percent of any eventual award. This means that if you were awarded $100,000, you would get $90,000, which could still go a long way toward securing your financial future.

How Can You Prove Negligence in an Aviation Accident Case?

There are many ways in which you could prove negligence in an aviation accident case. First, if you were in a plane piloted by someone else, your personal injury attorney in Houston may point to the fact that he or she wasn’t properly trained or wasn’t properly trained to fly the craft that you were in. It may also be possible to point to the fact that the pilot was tired or impaired while operating the craft.

It may also be possible to claim that the airplane or helicopter itself was not working properly because it hadn’t been inspected. If the plane had been inspected, it may be possible to argue that it was inspected improperly or that any replacement parts used were not meant for the craft that you were in that crashed.

By proving that another party was negligent in your case, it increases the odds that you get compensated for your medical bills, your lost wages and your lost earnings. Compensation may also be available to pay for mental or emotional pain and suffering in addition to any physical pain that you may have felt.

Speak to a Houston Aviation Accident Attorney Today

If you have been hurt in a plane or helicopter accident, you have every right to seek justice. Your first step on the path to compensation is to talk to an attorney from The Doan Law Firm. You can visit or write to us at 1 Riverway, Suite 2500 Houston, Texas 77056. You can also give us a call at (832) 835-0000 to review and start working on your case.

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