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What Factors Make Some Intersections Particularly Dangerous?

Intersections are dangerous. These are the places on the roadway where traffic converges all at once, coming from all different directions. Some drivers want to go straight, and some want to make turns. Sometimes, drivers have to cross lanes of oncoming traffic to get to their destination. Regardless of the circumstances, some intersections are particularly dangerous, and our Houston personal injury attorney wanted to discuss why that is the case. The Safety Issues At Intersections According to information available from…

10 Tips for Safely Sharing the Road With Motorcycles

The truth is that many drivers tend to disregard the safety of motorcyclists. Maybe this is not intentional, but it happens. All vehicle drivers need to take steps to maintain safety for everyone around them, including motorcyclists. Here, we want to discuss 10 tips for safely sharing the road with motorcyclists in Texas. 1. Watch Blind Spots Every vehicle on the roadway has a blind spot, and this can be dangerous for motorcyclists. Drivers and vehicles should always check their…

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Texas?

If you have ever seen a motorcyclist traveling down the center dotted line between two lanes of traffic heading in the same direction, then you have seen lane splitting. This practice is legal in certain states across the country, and studies have even shown that there are benefits to lane splitting for motorcyclists. However, we need to look at what Texas law says about lane splitting, and all motorcyclists need to take the steps necessary to remain legal on state…

What Happens if You’re Hit by an Uninsured Driver in Texas?

Vehicle accidents are not uncommon in Texas, as just about any driver here can attest. However, when an accident occurs, the at-fault driver is responsible for paying compensation to others involved. But what happens if you are struck by an uninsured driver in Texas? Here, we want to discuss the process of recovering compensation after an uninsured vehicle accident in the Lone Star state. Likelihood of Getting Struck by an Uninsured Driver in Texas Data provided by the Insurance information…

What Are Texas’s Car Insurance Requirements?

Every vehicle on a Texas roadway should be legally insured. However, many individuals are not quite sure exactly what type of insurance they need to have on their vehicle. Here, we want to discuss the Texas car insurance requirements, specifically the minimum mandatory requirements set forth under state law. Additionally, we will discuss other types of insurance that you should consider purchasing if you regularly drive in Texas. What Does Texas Law Require? Every state in this country sets minimum…

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