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What Are Texas’s Car Insurance Requirements?

Every vehicle on a Texas roadway should be legally insured. However, many individuals are not quite sure exactly what type of insurance they need to have on their vehicle. Here, we want to discuss the Texas car insurance requirements, specifically the minimum mandatory requirements set forth under state law. Additionally, we will discuss other types of insurance that you should consider purchasing if you regularly drive in Texas. What Does Texas Law Require? Every state in this country sets minimum…

Where Can I Have My Car Repaired After a Houston Accident?

If you are involved in a vehicle accident, one of the first things you may wonder is, “do you have the ability to choose where your vehicle gets repaired at?” One thing is certain – you deserve to have your vehicle repaired at a reputable shop, and you should be able to pick where the repairs take place. However, you can be sure that the insurance carrier will recommend a vehicle repair shop, so we want to discuss how you…

Who is Liable for a Driverless Car Accident in Texas?

Self-driving vehicles have gone from ideas in science fiction (and the Jetsons) to reality in many places around the country. Even though these vehicles have not made it to the mainstream for general use, self-driving vehicles have certainly been tested thoroughly over the last few years, including here in Texas. Here, we want to discuss who is liable for a driverless car accident in Texas, as well as whether or not there is any pending legislation about the future of…

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