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Where Are the Blind Spots on a Commercial Truck?

Large commercial vehicles sit high off the ground, and they can reach lengths of approximately 70 feet. With vehicles this large, there are certainly going to be blind spots that other motorists need to be aware of. When you drive your everyday passenger vehicle, you have blind spots. Now, just imagine how large these blind spots are on a semi-truck. Here, we want to review commercial truck blind spots and discuss the best steps for avoiding them. Where are Commercial…

What Factors Make Some Intersections Particularly Dangerous?

Intersections are dangerous. These are the places on the roadway where traffic converges all at once, coming from all different directions. Some drivers want to go straight, and some want to make turns. Sometimes, drivers have to cross lanes of oncoming traffic to get to their destination. Regardless of the circumstances, some intersections are particularly dangerous, and our Houston personal injury attorney wanted to discuss why that is the case. The Safety Issues At Intersections According to information available from…

Who is At-Fault if a Jaywalker is Hit in Texas?

In most situations, vehicle drivers are required to yield the right of way to pedestrians, particularly if they see them and have the ability to stop before an incident occurs. When a failure to do so results in an crash, the end result is often a personal injury lawsuit in Houston. The reality is that there are various laws in place to prevent jaywalking, but what happens if a jaywalker gets struck by a vehicle? Who is at fault when…

What is a Runaway Truck?

Runaway trucks can be incredibly dangerous. This occurs when large commercial trucks lose control, usually because the braking system fails. When this occurs, there are very few chances for a commercial truck to stop naturally. Here, we want to discuss what exactly causes runaway trucks and who could be at fault if an accident occurs as a result of a runaway truck incident.  Defining a Runaway Truck A runaway truck is a larger commercial truck that has last the use…

How to Safely Share the Road With Semi-Trucks

Driving a vehicle on the roadway inevitably means that you will share the road with a larger commercial truck. These large vehicles can be intimidating, and the reality is that any collision between a regular vehicle and a larger semi-truck could result in significant injuries and property damage. However, there are ways to remain safe around these larger vehicles, and here we want to share some top safety tips for doing so. Stay Out of Blind Spots Large commercial trucks…

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